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Sal's Fine Sauces, Mac Salad & Special Seasonings:


Zweigles Hot Meat Sauce

Just add 1 1/2 lb. ground beef and 3 cups of water. (onions optional) Also includes a recipe for chili. Great on eggs, tacos, and burgers and with Sal's Birdland products too.

1.25 oz.

** Too much for 2 people? - Freeze in ice cube trays for individual servings!

The Original Sal's Sassy Sauce - Hot & Mild 14 oz.

Served at Sal's Birdland since the beginning.
A blend of honey, mustard, and citrus flavors that make this a truly versatile and unique sauce. It's great on Chicken, Ribs, Seafood, Wings, and added to your favorite salads. Sal's Sassy Sauce is best when served warm poured over your cooked foods or served as a dipping sauce. Available in: (Original) Hot or Mild.

Allergens: Contains no known allergens.

Sal's Jamaican Sassy Sauce - 14 oz.

We took the Original Hot Sassy Sauce and added traditional Jamaican Jerk Flavors. We think you'll agree this is a great combination of "Sweet with Heat!" It's a great grilling, baking, or dipping sauce. The possibilities are truly endless.

Allergens: Contains no known allergens.

Sal's North Carolina Bar-B-Q Sauce - 14.5 oz.

This is an old family recipe from the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. A rich red barbecue sauce with just a hit of smoke flavor.

Allergens: Contains Fish and Soy.

Sal's Great on EVERYTHING! - Hot Sauce 14 oz. Use it on Hot Dogs,Hamburgers,Sausage,Steak,Pork Chops and any Seafood of your choice. It literally goes well with EVERYTHING.Let's Get Sassy!!


Sal's Macaroni Salad Mac Kit - 10 oz

Now you can make Sal's Macaroni Salad at home!
Kit makes 2 1/2 pounds of macaroni salad.

Allergens: Contains Wheat.

Sal's Special Seasoning #7 - 16 oz

This seasoning is the same seasoning that has been used on our chicken and potato wedges since the beginning. Now you can also make Sal's Wings at home! (Includes baking and frying instructions as well as the recipe for our blue cheese dip.) One bag will season approximately 10 lbs. of chicken or 80 pieces of wings.

Allergens: Contains Wheat.
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